Husqvarna Unveils New Parallel Twin: Nuda 900R

July 1, 2011


This is the new high performance Husqvarna twin we have been waiting to see. Although these are official photos, Husqvarna has revealed only a few specifications. According to Husky, the Nuda 900R displaces 900cc and will make “more than” 100 hp and 73 foot/pounds of torque. The bike will weigh “less than 385 pounds”. The front fork is a huge 48mm Sachs, fully adjustable for compression, rebound and spring preload. The shock is a top drawer Ohlins featuring all of the same adjustments.

The bike gets superbike-class brakes in the form of radially-mounted, four-piston monoblock Brembos. Apparently, Husqvarna is trying to get this bike into dealerships before the end of this year. It looks like more details will be revealed in a couple of days. You can find additional photos on a web site set up for the Nuda 900R here.

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