MD Eye CandyGram: RAD02 Pursang

July 17, 2011


That's right: the aluminum RAD02 frame (3600 Euros) weighs in at just 4.2 kilos, or less than a loaded M-16.

Sometimes you get some eye candy that’s so delicious you feel guilty stuffing it into your eye-hole all alone. So I thought I’d share this particularly delectable streetfighter from Spanish custom builders/racers/parts suppliers Radical Ducati (RAD). It’s called the RAD02 Pursang and I want to ride one very badly.

Radical Ducati started with a custom chromoly frame, mated to a Ducati S2R single-sided swingarm with Öhlins shock. An Öhlins fork goes in front, and forged Marchisini wheels keep the bike rolling. RAD’s own custom triple clamps go underneath a Rizoma handlebar and clamps. The bodywork—what there is—is all out of the RAD catalog; carbon fiber “seat” (I use that term loosely here) and aluminum gas tank. Instrumentation is by Italian supplier Aviacompositi.

The motor, of course, has been heavily modded. The donor is a Multistrada 1100 unit, pumped up with new cams, ported heads, NCR titanium valves, a rattling, chattery dry slipper clutch and 41mm flat-slide carbs. Exhaust goes out a very anti-social WolfMan two-into-one system.

RAD doesn’t list power or weight specs for this bike. I’d expect about 110 horsepower at the wheel and 320 pounds ready to ride. Compare that to maybe 85 hp and 470 pounds or more from the stock air-cooled Multistrada. I rode an NCR Leggera, which had similar specs (although at a much, much higher pricetag) and it was orgasmic and terrifying at the same time. Orgasmifying?

RAD has a garage full of customs based on its RAD02 parts. So why call this the Pursang? We all know the Pursang as the famous motocrosser that put Bultaco on the lips of American dirt-riders in 1974 when the Mark 7 hit the market. With performance approaching a works motocrosser, the Pursang Mark 7 drew customers off their Japanese-built machines with better performance at a competitive price. Still, it was no 110-hp cafe racer.

But who cares? The name rolls off the tongue (say it in a Ricardo Montalban voice and you’ll see what I mean) and promises lightweight high performance—and fun. You can build a RAD02 custom yourself, in fact—RAD sells all the bits you need (except the motor—you’ll have to stalk eBay for one of those), although they’re not cheap. Frames start at 1800 Euros (the aluminum version, which weighs in at under 10 pounds, is 3600) and the exquisite tank is 1293 Euros. Sign me up! I’m sure Dirck won’t mind me dipping into the MD expense account.

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