MV Gets Busy With Anniversary Edition Brutale 990R and New 198 hp F4 RR

May 5, 2011


If the world is in an economic recession, those consumers at the very top must be doing just fine … or so it would seem. MV Agusta is catering to that market with the announcement of two new products this week, including a Brutale 990R commemorating Italy’s 150th anniversary.  This limited edition model will be available in three color schemes (shown below).

The special Brutale 990R is distinguished by the single seat configuration and the spoiler, featuring the Italian flag colors and the number 150.  The serial number is inscribed on a plate located on the upper steering brace.

Although these special Brutale bikes were announced yesterday, today we received a link to the “teaser video” previewing the new F4 RR, which will be unveiled next week.  The video proclaims that the new RR makes 198 hp (the equivalent of 201 cv).  This is 12 horsepower more than the current 998 cc MV F4.   Of course, the current F4 only does a claimed 190 mph, so it did need a bit of a power boost.

The video provides a glimpse of top shelf components from Ohlins and Brembo (no surprise there), so you might want to raid that retirement fund.  After all, retirement is fleeting, but the sensation of a power wheelie on an MV F4 lasts forever.

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