French Magazine Reports Ducati Developing Aluminum Frame for MotoGP

August 22, 2011


According to a report by Moto Revue, repeated by several European publications, Ducati is running a parallel development program with an aluminum chassis for MotoGP, alongside efforts to further improve its carbon fiber chassis.  Pictured above is the aluminum chassis underlying last year’s WSB-winning Aprilia RSVR superbike.  Below, you will see the many pieces that make up this frame.  Indeed, many aluminum frames consist of a combination of cast, extruded and forged pieces, carefully combined and tested to provide the proper flex and feedback for racing.   A twin-beam aluminum frame has supported many title winning roadracing machines.

Ducati has no experience racing on an aluminum chassis, having previously favored a steel trellis design for its frames. One concern for Ducati must be the fact that its new street legal superbike is expected to be announced this Fall featuring a carbon fiber chassis.  If it abandons carbon fiber at the MotoGP level, what will this do to the reception awaiting its new street bike?

You can see our recent discussion of the troubles Ducati has had racing the carbon fiber chassis here.

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