Pedrosa Mystery: Still Out At Assen

June 22, 2011


I do think that professional racers often come back too quickly from a broken collarbone. Colin Edwards (Yamaha) came back just a week after breaking his, and rode to a podium position at Silverstone two weeks ago. His teammate Cal Crutchlow broke his collarbone at Silverstone, and is expected to try to race this weekend at Assen.

By contrast, Honda’s Dani Pedrosa broke his collarbone at LeMans on May 15, roughly 5 weeks ago. Honda has just announced that he will miss this weekend’s Assen round, and his Repsol ride will be handled by the Japanese teammate of Marco Simoncelli, Hiroshi Aoyama. What is really wrong with Pedrosa?

It is true that Pedrosa had a second surgery recently to reattach a floating bone fragment, but this sounded like a rather minor affair, particularly compared with the surgery that Colin Edwards had just prior to his return at Silverstone. Pedrosa, of course, had nerve damage as a result of a prior collarbone break on the opposite side, but that should not be impacting the current situation.

The European press, particularly in Spain, is full of speculation about why Pedrosa is still out. Some news sources claim Pedrosa injured himself while riding a supermoto bike. Others seem to indicate that Pedrosa may have some fear associated with returning to racing quickly as a result of his difficulty coming back from the breaking of his opposite collarbone, and the associated nerve damage.

Whatever the reason, neither Honda nor Pedrosa is talking about it, and you can expect that Pedrosa will be grilled by the press when he does eventually return to the track

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