Used 2016 Can-Am MAVERICK XRS TURBO ATVs for Sale

Used 2016 Can-Am MAVERICK XRS TURBO in Dorr, MI, It is a Recreation / Sport Side by Side and is for sale at $18,900.

  • Condition: Used
  • Year: 2016
  • Make: Can-Am
  • Category: Recreation / Sport
  • Type: Side by Side
  • Location: Dorr, MI
  • Stock Number: N/A
  • Primary Color: Black

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New and Used 2016 Can-Am MAVERICK XRS TURBO, ATVs For Sale.

This is a nearly brand new Maverick X RS Turbo. The machine only has 480 miles on it, and is in perfect condition. It is completely stock from the dealership. X RS features include front and rear bumpers, bead lock wheels, 4 point safety harnesses, Yoshimura Exhaust, Fox Podium RC2 Shocks, and an Inter-cooled Turbo charger.This machine also has an extended warranty purchased and applied to the machine, extending it's coverage to 6 years. The factory 18 month + an additional 4.5 years - starting from date of purchase in June 2016. ($2,000 value)In addition, the machine will come with a spare unused drive belt. 200 miles into the machine, the factory drive belt broke, and I had a spare in the glove box. I replaced the belt using the spare - but was able to get a new drive belt using the warranty; so the spare I had purchased, went back in the glove box. ($200 value)I have also purchased quality tools to replace the factory tools that ship with the machine (they come in the glove box). The factory tools used to replace the drive belts while out driving were pretty sad, so I purchased quality ones to replace them. ($75 value).Given the quality of the machine, low miles, extended warranty and current value of the machine - I am pretty firm on the price. Contact me for details!Check out my YouTube channel for some videos of me in the dunes / trails driving it s:// /user/aaronsheam3Thanks!,Address: Dorr, MI 49323,.

  • New and Used 2016 Can-Am MAVERICK XRS TURBO, ATVs For Sale.
  • New and Used 2016 Can-Am MAVERICK XRS TURBO, ATVs For Sale.
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