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New/Used 2014 Honda CBR 650F, Motorcycles & ATVs for Sale pricing $8,499

  • Year: 2014
  • Make:Honda
  • Model:CBR 650F
  • Type:Sportbike
  • Class:Motorcycle
  • Location: San Bernardino, CA
  • Mileage:
  • inventory: 000260
  • Color:Blue

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New and used 2014 Honda Motorcycle for Sale, CBR 650F, Buy or sell ATVs, Personal Watercraft,Utility Vehicles, Side-by-Sides, Snowmobiles, Side Cars or Trailers.

New Or Used 2014 Honda CBR 650F, Motorcycles & ATVs for Sale pricing $8,499 , 2014 Honda CBR 650F, 2014 Honda® CBR® 650F Power. Performance. Value. Meet The All-New CBR® 650F. This is the bike that will appeal to your practical and emotional sides. A truly fun ride at a great price, it's what Honda® does like no one else. Built around a smooth, inline-four engine specifically tuned for low-to-midrange torque, the CBR® 650F has a powerband that s suited for a wide range of riding styles. Nimble? You bet that s always been a strong point of the 600 class. Powerful disc brakes give you premium stopping power performance, and a Twin-Spar-style steel frame forms the basis for the CBR® 650F s impeccable handling, while making it versatile: weekday commuter, weekend sport riding, long trips, short hauls, solo or with a passenger. Innovations LCD Multi Meter In addition to the speedometer and digital tachometer, the CBR® 650F s instrumentation also includes clock, trip meter, and fuel gauge. Clip-On Handlebars Clip-on bars are an integral part of supersport bikes and for the CBR® 650F, they put you in a riding position that s both sporty and comfortable enough for longer trips. 41mm Front Suspension Our 41mm front suspension offers excellent suspension action, a comfortable ride, along with precise steering and front-end feedback. 649cc DOHC Engine Engines like this are what Honda® does best. The four-cylinder design makes it smoother and faster revving than most twins, and offers ample low to midrange torque, and plenty of power through the entire rev range. 4.5-Gallon Fuel Tank You asked; we listened. A bike as versatile as the CBR® 650F needs plenty of range, and the 4.5-gallon fuel tank provides just that. Twin-Spar Steel Frame A steel frame is strong, but not too rigid for the needs of the everyday rider. With a 57-inch wheelbase, the CBR® 650F is also quick and responsive just what a machine in this class should be. Six-Speed Transmission Smooth, nearly seamless shifts and more gear ratios to match the way you want to ride: those are two of the characteristics that make this Honda® so much fun to ride. Four-Into-One Exhaust Power, style, and an unmistakable growl you get all three with the four-into-two-into-one exhaust system on the new CBR® 650F. Rear Disc Brake A 240mm hydraulic disc at the rear complements the twin front discs for plenty of stopping power., Update August/17/2022, Honda Motorcycles for Sale Sales $8,499 , 2014 Honda CBR 650F ,Total 000260,You can choose Blue,Brand Launch San Bernardino, CA it's here

  • New Or Used Honda CBR 650F, 2014 Motorcycles for Sale ,Buy or sell ATVs, Personal Watercraft,Snowmobiles, Side Cars or Trailers.
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