New/Used Kawasaki Motorcycle Prices & ATVs for Sale

New/Used 2015 Kawasaki KX™65, Motorcycles & ATVs for Sale pricing $3,699

  • Year: 2015
  • Make:Kawasaki
  • Model:KX™65
  • Type:Mx
  • Class:Motorcycle
  • Location: Paw Paw, MI
  • Mileage:
  • inventory:
  • Color:Lime Green

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New and used 2015 Kawasaki Motorcycle for Sale, KX™65, Buy or sell ATVs, Personal Watercraft,Utility Vehicles, Side-by-Sides, Snowmobiles, Side Cars or Trailers.

New Or Used 2015 Kawasaki KX™65, Motorcycles & ATVs for Sale pricing $3,699 , 2015 Kawasaki KX™65, A first step on the road to glory. - A first step on the road to glory. For more than 30 years, Kawasaki’s smallest KX motocrosser has played a key role in the sport of motocross, providing a race-winning platform on which countless national and supercross champions have begun the journey to superStar status. Today, Kawasaki’s KX65 maintains the same successful attributes, including a powerful and reliable 2-stroke engine, lightweight chassis, disc brakes and long travel suspension. Its reputation as the quintessential learning tool for young racers taking their first steps into the world of competitive riding is well-deserved., Update April/06/2020, Kawasaki Motorcycles for Sale Sales $3,699 , 2015 Kawasaki KX™65 You can choose Lime Green,Brand Launch Paw Paw, MI it's here

  • New Or Used Kawasaki KX™65, 2015 Motorcycles for Sale ,Buy or sell ATVs, Personal Watercraft,Snowmobiles, Side Cars or Trailers.
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