New/Used Kawasaki Motorcycle Prices & ATVs for Sale

New/Used 2014 Kawasaki KLX140L, Motorcycles & ATVs for Sale pricing $3,399

  • Year: 2014
  • Make:Kawasaki
  • Model:KLX140L
  • Type:Dirt Bike
  • Class:Motorcycle
  • Location: Paw Paw, MI
  • Mileage:
  • inventory:
  • Color:Lime Green

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New and used 2014 Kawasaki Motorcycle for Sale, KLX140L, Buy or sell ATVs, Personal Watercraft,Utility Vehicles, Side-by-Sides, Snowmobiles, Side Cars or Trailers.

New Or Used 2014 Kawasaki KLX140L, Motorcycles & ATVs for Sale pricing $3,399 , 2014 Kawasaki KLX140L, A More Robust KLX140 for Larger Riders - With its 17 inch front and 14 inch rear wheels, the Kawasaki KLX140 holds plenty of appeal for both young and old, but it also incorporates all of the standard 140’s many off-road-worthy features, yet wraps them in an even beefier package that will stand up to the demands of taller and more aggressive off-road riders. The 140L not only features larger 19 inch front and 16 inch rear wheels and a taller 31.5 inch seat height, its suspension is also more performance-oriented, featuring an honest-to-goodness reservoir-type shock that larger and more experienced riders will quickly appreciate., Update May/26/2020, Kawasaki Motorcycles for Sale Sales $3,399 , 2014 Kawasaki KLX140L You can choose Lime Green,Brand Launch Paw Paw, MI it's here

  • New Or Used Kawasaki KLX140L, 2014 Motorcycles for Sale ,Buy or sell ATVs, Personal Watercraft,Snowmobiles, Side Cars or Trailers.
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