New/Used Yamaha Motorcycle Prices & ATVs for Sale

New/Used 2015 Yamaha Brand YZ125, Motorcycles & ATVs for Sale pricing $6,190

  • Year: 2015
  • Make:Yamaha
  • Model:YZ125
  • Type:Dirt Bike
  • Class:Motorcycle
  • Location: Marysville, WA
  • Mileage:
  • inventory: 026506
  • Color:

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New and used 2015 Yamaha Motorcycle for Sale, YZ125, Buy or sell ATVs, Personal Watercraft,Utility Vehicles, Side-by-Sides, Snowmobiles, Side Cars or Trailers.

New Or Used 2015 Yamaha Brand YZ125, Motorcycles & ATVs for Sale pricing $6,190 , 2015 Yamaha YZ125, 2015 Yamaha YZ125 A Legend The YZ125 is the perfect transition from a YZ85 to a YZ250F. One ride and you will be amazed at the light handling. Standard Features May Include: Modern, aggressive styling, including new front fender, front number plate, radiator shrouds, side number plates, air box, rear fender, fork guards, as well as some technical changes to the rear sprocket, rear brake disc protector, and rear brake caliper protector and wider foot pegs just like the 4 strokes. A light aluminum frame housing an amazingly light and compact engine results in an awesome power-to-weight ratio. The YZ125 is ready to race out of the crate, complete with an aluminum handlebar, titanium foot pegs, and gripper seat. A pure motocross machine, the light and nimble YZ125 is the perfect choice for riders stepping up from the 85cc class. Ultra lightweight means nimble handling with less fatigue. Modern, aggressive new styling for 2015 looks awesome. The latest generator KYB® Speed-Sensitive fork just like the 4-stroke machines has been added and provides industry leading performance. A clutch lever position adjuster is adopted to allow adjustments based on rider preferences and accommodates differing hand sizes. The latest Dunlop MX52® tires are used for the best off-road traction, performance and reliability. Patented YPVSTM power-valve system combines crisp, hard-hitting bottom-end acceleration with strong midrange and eye-opening top-end., Update May/31/2023, Yamaha Motorcycles for Sale Sales $6,190 , 2015 Yamaha Brand YZ125 ,Total 026506,Brand Launch Marysville, WA it's here

  • New Or Used Yamaha YZ125, 2015 Motorcycles for Sale ,Buy or sell ATVs, Personal Watercraft,Snowmobiles, Side Cars or Trailers.
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