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New/Used 2015 Yamaha Brand Zuma 125, Motorcycles & ATVs for Sale pricing $11,900

  • Year: 2015
  • Make:Yamaha
  • Model:Zuma 125
  • Type:Scooter
  • Class:Motorcycle
  • Location: Canton, GA
  • Mileage:
  • inventory:
  • Color:Silver

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New and used 2015 Yamaha Motorcycle for Sale, Zuma 125, Buy or sell ATVs, Personal Watercraft,Utility Vehicles, Side-by-Sides, Snowmobiles, Side Cars or Trailers.

New Or Used 2015 Yamaha Brand Zuma 125, Motorcycles & ATVs for Sale pricing $11,900 , 2015 Yamaha Zuma 125, CALL 770-720-9554TO SAVE $$$$ 2015 Yamaha Zuma 125 Fuel-Injected, Reliable Fun. Features May Include That tough off-road look isn t just for looks: the strong steel frame; fat, aggressive tires; oiled-type air filters; beefy shocks front and rear and off-road style brush deflectors make this scooter at home on unpaved roads while delivering all the attitude you could want for the street. 125cc 4-stroke engine with 4 valves, a 10:1 compression ratio, ceramic-composite cylinder plating, and electronic fuel injection gives this Zuma excellent performance. Fully automatic C.V. transmission and pushbutton electric Starting make the Zuma super-convenient transportation. Both center and side stands, along with a locking cover on the ignition switch, make it convenient to park, too. There s room for two atop this Zuma s seat, and lots of locking storage beneath it. The Zuma 125 achieves fuel economy up to an estimated 89 mpg** with a fuel tank that holds 1.6 gallons of gas. Zuma s fuel-injected, 125cc single cylinder, 4-stroke engine pumps out lots of power for its size, using an SOHC 4-valve head with 10:1 compression ratio and ceramic-composite cylinder plating. Pushbutton electric Starting makes the Zuma 125 super-convenient for transportation. For reliability and easy maintenance, simple wet-sump lubrication is used. Forced air cooling system helps keep engine temperatures under control, even while idling at stoplights, for maximum efficiency and longer engine life. Fully automatic, V-belt transmission with centrifugal clutch provides easy, twist-the-throttle-and-go operation with great off-the-line acceleration. Fuel injection provides the optimal fuel mixture for the operating condition, including temperature and altitude, and that means easy cold Starts, too. Oiled-paper type air filter helps trap dirt before it gets to your engine, even when riding on unpaved roads. The V-belt housing has its own off-road-style wet-foam air filter for durability. Upswept muffler incorporates exhaust catalyst technology to reduce air pollution and meet emission regulations. Hefty steel-tube frame has a step-through design for easy mounting. A two-stage electrodeposition and electrostatic painting process provides a durable, corrosion-resistant finish. Telescopic fork features beefy outer tubes for strength, while slider shrouds help protect the 27mm inner tubes from debris. Swingarm has double rear shocks for riding comfort on the street and unpaved roads, too. Fuel tank holds 1.6 gallons for plenty of cruising range. Fuel tank emission system includes a charcoal canister to control gasoline evaporation and reduce air pollution. Fat 120/70-12 front, Update June/27/2022, Yamaha Motorcycles for Sale Sales $11,900 , 2015 Yamaha Brand Zuma 125 You can choose Silver,Brand Launch Canton, GA it's here

  • New Or Used Yamaha Zuma 125, 2015 Motorcycles for Sale ,Buy or sell ATVs, Personal Watercraft,Snowmobiles, Side Cars or Trailers.
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